A View from the Marketplace: Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Fiji

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We are pleased to bring to you a series of webinars showcasing opportunities in key markets for U.S. exporters.  Join us to gain market insights from experts from the U.S. Embassy in the featured countries and prepare to navigate the new trade landscape.  Each webinar will provide:

  • Snapshot of the current situation
  • Market and sector overview 
  • The road ahead


Mark Russell Senior Commercial Officer, U.S. Commercial Service Australia and New Zealand

Mark arrived at post in October 2019.   Mark’s previous international assignments include Karachi, Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon, Cairo, Chennai, and Prague. Mark Russell is the Senior Commercial Officer for Australia and New Zealand.  He arrived at post in October 2019.   Mark’s previous international assignments include Karachi, Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon, Cairo, Chennai, and Prague. 

Monique Roos Senior Commercial Specialist, U.S. Commercial Service in Australia

Monique has over 20 years’ experience in successfully assisting U.S. companies develop customized market entry strategies, find partners, and increase sales in the Australian market.  Her background is in International Sales and Marketing. Monique advises companies in the Healthcare Technologies (Biotechnology, Dental, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, and Veterinary), Laboratory & Scientific, and Travel & Tourism industry sectors. 

Dr. Doug Hartley Trade and Investment Commercial Specialist, U.S. Commercial Service in Australia

Doug promotes US exports to Australia and Australian investment in the US and has served in this role since 2013. His key industry sectors are Aerospace and Defense, including Space and Cyber; Marine; Safety and Security; Agricultural Equipment; and the Processed Foods and Beverages sector including associated equipment.

Janet Coulthart Commercial Specialist /Head of Sanction, U.S. Commercial Service in New Zealand

Educated in Wellington, New Zealand, Janet is a Locally Engaged staff member in the U.S. Commercial Service office based in Wellington.  During her long career with the U.S. Commercial Service, Janet has held responsibility for most industry sectors.  As a result, Janet has developed long-standing working relationships in both New Zealand’s private and public sectors. 

Brendan Cody Agricultural Marketing Specialist, Foreign Agricultural Service(FAS), U.S. Embassy in New Zealand

Since taking the role with USDA in January 2018 Brendan is responsible for facilitating connections between New Zealand food importers, distributors and retailers and U.S. exporters.  In addition to this, he is responsible for assist in the resolution of border issues when products arrive in New Zealand and writes industry and product reports, which are complied in the USDA GAIN system. Brendan is also responsible for running trade marketing promotional campaigns to promote U.S. food products more generally in New Zealand.

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