Enterprise Florida

Enterprise Florida Inc. (EFI) is a public-private partnership serving as Florida’s primary organization devoted to statewide economic development.

EFI’s mission is:

To facilitate job growth for Florida’s
businesses and citizens leading to
a vibrant statewide economy.

EFI accomplishes this mission by focusing on a wide range of industry sectors, including clean energy, life sciences, information technology, aviation/aerospace, homeland security/defense, financial/professional services, manufacturing and beyond. In collaboration with a statewide network of regional and local economic development organizations, EFI helps to improve Florida’s business climate, ensuring the state’s global competitiveness.

Enterprise Florida is committed to assisting companies confidentially with their expansion and location plans. We provide site selection services, demographic information, incentive information, trade leads and much more. We also coordinate introductions to our network of economic development partners located throughout the state.

Enterprise Florida, Inc. Offices:

  • Main office locations: Orlando – Headquarters, Tallahassee, Miami – International Trade and Business Development.
  • International Trade & Business Development Field Offices: Seven field offices around the state provide Florida companies with export counseling services and other types of exporting assistance. enterprise florida
  • International Offices: Florida is represented in 12 countries around the world by our international offices, which provide counseling services for Florida companies looking to export and foreign companies interested in investing and/or doing business in Florida